PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ATLANTIS COOL-CUT is MULTI-PURPOSE SOLUBLE CUTTING OIL manufactured from carefully selected paraffinic base oils and proprietary emulsifiers which have a bearing on the stability of the emulsion even with water of 400 ppm hardness. A stable milky white emulsion is prepared by adding the oil to water with continuous stirring. ATLANTIS COOL-CUT gives the desired cooling characteristics, provides rust protection, lubricity for the cutting operation with good finish of work piece and longer life for tools. ATLANTIS COOL-CUT is also fortified with appropriate biocides to keep control of bacterial growth.

APPLICATION: ATLANTIS COOL-CUT is recommended for variety of cutting operations in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  For general machining operations the emulsion is normally prepared with 5% oil and for grinding operation the emulsion has 2% of oil.

CAUTION: Not recommended for Machining for Magnesium as fine chips of magnesium is a fire hazard when moistened with water.

PERFORMANCE LEVEL: Meets IS 1115-1986 (RA 2002)