Extended Life Coolant With Corrosion Protection

Aqua Green is formulated with the use of hybrid technology that provides maintenance free protection to your engine. It is highly recommended for all kind of cars, trucks, LCVs, tactors & other application where high temperature protection is required.

Advantage Of Using Aqua Green
● Aqua Green is environment friendly.
● It provides superior corrosion & rust protection.
● Improved stability with hard water.
● Performs & maintains temperature of the vechicle.

How To use Aqua Green
● Flush completely & fill the vehicles radiator with Aqua Green coolant.
● Mix one part of Aqua Green with three parts of soft clean water.
● Periodically check expansion bottle depletion & top up with Aqua Green whenever required.
● Do not mix Aqua Green with any other coolant which is highly recommended.
● Refer vehicle manufacturers or service manual for specific cooling system & service procedures.