PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ATLANTIS HYDRO-HAUL AW grades are blends of high viscosity index, chemically stable base oils and specially selected anti-wear, anti-oxidation, anti-rust and anti-foam additives. These oils have good demulsibility characteristics. They meet the requirements of very high pressure systems (1000 Psi and above) and also of systems where high speed actuations are desired.

APPLICATION: ATLANTIS HYDRO-HAUL AW grades are extensively used to actuate various mechanisms of special purpose machines, positive displacement pumps such as axial, piston, vane and gear types etc. they can also be used in enclosed gear boxes, compressors, chain drives, machine tools, circulation oiling systems, etc.

PERFORMANCE LEVEL: ATLANTIS HYDRO-HAUL AW 32 TO AW 150 grades meet IS 10522–1983(RA 1998), DIN 51 524 PART 1